Alcitek – Machine Spray Plaster
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  • ALÇITEK is bagged gypsum-based, ready-to use spray plaster.
  • ALÇITEK can be directly applied on brick, concrete, aerated-concrete, etc.
  • In one layer, it prepares the surface ready to pain. There is no need for satin finishing gloss plaster.
  • It can be applied at details such as window and door fronts with hand mix, without any problem.
  • It has a high surface hardness and brilliant appearance.


  • Dust and substances preventing adherence on the surface must be cleaned before the application.
  • Make segmentation on the surface by using segment laths.
  • Mix ALÇITEK by a plastering machine and spray it between segments. After spraying, smooth the surfaces by using a straight edge.
  • In about half an hour time before the surface hardened, smooth the surfaces again by using a straight edge if required.
  • Make pre-smoothening with spatula. Wet the surface and apply sponge.
  • Approximately 10 minutes later, using a steel trowel get a brilliant, hard and glazed surface.

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  • Never mix ALÇITEK with any other product or material.
  • Thickness of application should be between 8-30 mm.
  • Do not use ALÇITEK in temperatures below +50C.
  • Dry and hot surfaces should be definitely dampened before the application.
  • Plastering machine and the application tools should be cleaned.


  • Bags should be store in dry places and should not be stacked in more than 15 layers. Direct contract with ground and moisture must be avoided.
  • Using ALÇITEK within 3 months after the date of production is recommended.
  • Poor or over-long storage may deteriorate the physical properties of ALÇITEK.


Water / Plaster ratio 5-6 lt water to 10kg ALÇITEK
Final setting time 180 minutes
Consumption 10-11kg/m2 for each 1 cm thickness
Compressive strength (minimum) 25 kgf/cm2 (4×4 blok)
Flexural strength (minimum) 10 kgf/cm2 (4x4x16 blok)
Pass 1400 micron sieve % 100
Pass 150 micron sieve (minimum) % 60
Bulk density (powder) 800 – 850 kg/m3
Dry density 1200 – 1250 kg/m3
Surface hardness 60 SHORE D
Thermal conductivity (maximum) 0,35 W/mk

STANDARD: BDS EN 13279-2, Test Report №509/29.06.2007 – NIISI(National Research Institute of Building Materials, Sofia/Bulgaria);


Type Polypropylene laminated bags
Net weight 35 kg ± % 2
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